A lifelong friend recently requested my services in creating Posing Music for her bodybuilding competitions. I enjoyed the challenge, and would like to extend my services to others in the industry.

Contact me to discuss the options. In general, I will need to know the desired BPM of your routine, length, and at least a general idea to get me started. I encourage you to run ideas by your choreographer as you come up with them, because sometimes you have something in mind (that I am capable of doing), but your choreo will have a very different opinion of the concept. I do want to help you avoid paying me for hours of work that will ultimately be useless in your routine.

I will charge $150 for a standard mix. That will increase as we dig deeper and customize your music. For example, I can seamlessly mix together two or three tracks for the standard fee. I will send you multiple auditions of that mix, with variations. You then provide feedback. Once we decide on a specific file, you may want me to "edit out a portion between 1:27-1:41" and swap the bleeps for a boop (you get the point). For $150, you can expect an initial consult for ideas, resulting in a handful of sample audio clips. Once you audition the clips, you provide feedback and requests. This process happens in 3-4 rounds usually. My initial fee covers the typical back and forth, to get it right. 

As I sit down for repeat sessions beyond 3 or 4 rounds, I increase your fee. That fee will max out at $200.

In most cases, we can complete a project at the base rate.

Each client (you) will receive a private link to a page were only you and I can see/hear the work in progress. This ensures your mix will be unique. Once we decide on a specific clip, the other related, but unwanted, ideas are not to be sold to anyone else. I may ask your permission to use one of the ideas as a sample of my work, but will not allow anyone else to purchase anything even remotely close to your final product.

Another album page is below, titled "Ready-Made Mixes" - should you find a mix that speaks to you on that page, and you would like to use it as-is, I will charge only $125 and send you the high-quality audio version of that clip. It will then be moved to "examples of my work" and not available for re-purchase by someone else. It's yours, and yours alone.

I operate with multiple advanced audio editing applications, which means any sound file on the planet can be added to your custom mix. Do you have a vocal sample you want to integrate? If you can send it my way, it can happen.

Visit the link below "Posing Music Examples" for a sample of auditions submitted to a client, following an initial consultation.

Additionally, if you click on the album  titled "Styles Explained", you can audition multiple musical genres very quickly, to help both of us in expediting your project with accuracy.