I first want to thank you for taking the time to visit my humble website. I am a medical professional by trade, but music has always been a part of my life. I played various brass instruments as a child, progressing to turntables, beat machines, piano and synthesizers in my adult life. 

I started Dj'ing around the year 2000. Over the years I have been lucky enough to play multiple weddings, hundreds of festivals/warehouse/house parties, and held multiple residencies as a club Dj. These days I spend most of my free time riding, paddling, hiking, and studying. I retain an extremely high-end musical setup at home, and when I cannot play outside I spend hours in front of my equipment. Music used to occupy a much larger space in my life, but I play often enough to remain quite adept behind the mixer.

I cannot stress enough to you the difference between your standard "wedding dj" and someone like myself, who is truly educated in the ways of mixing, transitioning, remixing, composition and production. These days, most of your standard event Dj's use the play/pause button on their computer, only minimally overlapping (mixing) from one song to the next. Sometimes you actually hear the music stop and restart between each song! This is not the way professional Dj's should behave. They should not sound like your iPod on shuffle mode. 

As your event progresses, the mood changes, and the sounds from the speakers should guide this. I can flow from one style of music to the next, and within those smaller sessions you will experience smooth, flawless transitions and the music will flow together so well, in harmony and in time, that your dance floor will remain packed... Until I give everyone a nice break to slow-dance and refill their beverages. 

My mixer allows for up to four different sources to simultaneously pump through the speakers. I have full hands-on control over the EQ, effects, volume, pan and other parameters for each channel. My pair of turntables also comes along for the ride. Utilizing the most state-of-the-art software available today, I am able to virtually map any audio file, from any source, to the record platter. This allows me to adjust tempo and other characteristics of the source file on the fly. In this way I can blend (mix) songs from different genres, of different tempos, together smoothly. I also have the capability of scratching, although for a wedding this rarely seems appropriate or necessary. Has any of the jargon lost you? If so, perhaps now you understand why a real dj is important. You hire professional photographers because the ocean of information they possess is much deeper than yours. You trust them to apply their years of experience and their given talents to your special occasion. When it comes to the Dj/MC, this should also be the case. If you have any doubts as to the differences I am referencing, please browse some reviews from a recent event.

The equipment I own is the best on the market. My speakers are powered units from a company called QSC. They are not your standard speaker company. Their sound quality is second to none, and they pack a lot of punch. I have redundancies in my setup and I plan for the worst. I bring a second mixer, with a second computer, as a backup in case someone spills a drink on the main mixer or laptop. I have multiple options for the DJ booth and stand, to accomodate your space. My light tower is one of the best on the market, with hundreds of different modes. I can alternate the light patterns with a wireless remote or a pedal board, as I transition music in real time. If I receive a request for a song I do not own, however unlikely that may be, I can instantly download that track over 4G or wifi and add it to the mix. In the event of a power outage, I have my own Goal Zero Yeti generator, which will keep things moving along while we sort out the shore power issue.  Each of my powered speakers packs 1,000 watts of sound. I will fill the room with crystal clear sound and deep, rich bass, to suit.

From the start of our contract to the end, I will make your special day as smooth as possible. I will arrive before the event, stay late after, and function as your pacemaker and crowd controller as we move from rehearsal dinner to ceremony to dinner, toasts, special dances, cake-cutting, etc. We will discuss every pertinent detail in advance. I will take extensive notes. You will have my full attention from the beginning of the weekend to the end. This is your event. Allow me to take much of the burden from your shoulders. I will carry that with me, so that you can enjoy your special time with loved ones.

Additionally, I am a highly trained flight nurse. I am not contracting my medical services to you, however - should a medical emergency arise I will not hesitate to assist in the care of the patient while we await EMS. Consider that an added bonus - the DJ can also help save a life. My professional training also solidified in me the ability to maintain calm in a storm, so rest assured - no wedding emergency will rattle me.

I hope you decide invite me into your family, however briefly, for your special occasion. I do not list general prices on my site, as each event is unique. In general, I offer my services to you for the entire weekend. Should you have a rehearsal dinner on Friday, ceremony on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday, rest assured you will have sound, microphones, equipment, and assistance through each phase. Again, I am here for you. I book only a small number of events each summer, because I do want to give my clients every ounce of my focus and energy they deserve. 

I do this for the love of music and the love of people, not to put food on the table. I truly enjoy these special events.

Your guests will recognize this difference. It is truly palpable. Thank you for your time.

-Bobby Duracel

If you like, feel free to browse my other site for blogs and adventures - www.livefullycharged.org

Or, if you're into electronic music (or just solid mixing in general), check out my MixCloud.